Is that a real Oscar?  Yup!  Is it ours? Nope!  How did we get it? 
It's a long story.  Ask us when you're placing your script order or when you're at one of our shows  and we'll tell you!
Break a leg!
Tony & Marylou

A little about Tonylou Productions & The Lakeside Players

  Founded by Tony Schwartz and Marylou Ambrose, Tonylou Productions has been entertaining audiences for 15 years, providing some of the finest dinner theater shows in the Poconos and Northeastern Pennsylvania. What began as a community theater company, "The Lakeside Players," quickly grew into a full-time business. Along with dinner theater, we also provide other types of entertainent, such as magicians, musical acts, impressionists, and stage hypnotists. Whatever your entertainment needs, we can help!

  Tonylou Productions grew out of our original theater company, The Lakeside Players. When we began The Lakeside Players Community Theater Company 20 years ago, we needed to do some simplier productions to raise funds for more elaborate shows.  Murder Mystery Dinner Theater Shows seemed like a good idea.  But we needed a script package.  We searched the web and found a lot out there, but nothing that interested us, or that we could afford.  Being writers by profession, we decided to give it a shot ourselves and began writing a show. It was a huge success!  So, we wrote another one.  And then another one.  And another........ you get the picture.  We discovered we enjoy creating new shows as much as we enjoy performing them!  And we also enjoy watching others perform our shows, too!  Our shows have been performed around the world, including the United States, Canada, and Great Britain, Germany, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam.

  If you produce one of our shows near us, we'd love to come and see it!  We've had the pleasure of seeing quite a few productions close enough for us to travel.  One of our greatest pleasures is seeing someone else bring our characters to life.  So keep us posted.  If you're close enough for us to travel, we'd love to come!